Family Law Mediation with Mudd Mediation
Mediation Services in Boise, Idaho

When disputes arise in our personal, family relationships, it’s only natural to want to resolve the matters quickly and fairly—before more damage is done. Mediation can help you avoid litigation by working through your concerns in a safe environment.

Couples and families choose mediation for a variety of concerns.

Sometimes couples look to mediation to help them weigh their options for the future of their relationship. A mediator might help you discover that reconciliation is possible, or that a legal separation is the best course of action at this time.

  • Reconciliation
  • Legal Separation
  • Divorce
  • Represented Parties
  • Pro Se Litigants
  • Family Conferencing
  • Custody
  • Child Support Calculations
  • Paternity
  • Reunification

If divorce truly is the right option, then mediation can offer a simple, streamlined process for dividing your assets, organizing the details for custody and child support, and settling any legal matters for your investments or a shared family business.

Other families turn to mediation to develop plans for navigating paternity cases and filing paternity action. Sometimes this includes collaboration with attorneys. Either way, Mudd Mediation can help you determine your next steps. The same goes for family reunification. Creating a clear legal plan for incremental succession and specific safeguards with the coming changes. In these types of sensitive situations, mediation is cost-effective and can help you reach an efficient resolution.

Mediation works for both represented parties and pro se litigants.

The mediation process can be beneficial even when clients are already working with attorneys. Some attorneys will assign topics to be mediated outside of the courtroom. After we work through those items, you can return to your attorney to finish your case. I always make sure that all documents are readily available to each party’s attorney.

Mudd Mediation also works with pro se litigants in divorce and custody cases, as well as other family law matters. Together, we can work to draft the Memorandum of Understanding. After which, I require my pro se litigants to have their agreement reviewed by an attorney for completion. The attorneys can review agreements for a very reasonable fee and then file the documents with the court.

Does your family need a reasonable resolution? Mediation can help.

You shouldn’t have to trudge through family challenges all on your own. Mediation can help you communicate effectively and find the solution that works best for both of your interests—outside of the courtroom.

If you’re ready to take the next step, simply contact the other party and ask if they would be willing to utilize mediation for your dispute. We all need to meet for a complimentary consultation, so please find some days and times that work for your schedules. Then please feel free to send me a message or call (208) 315-3322.