Group Facilitation with Mudd Mediation

You don’t have to burn bridges when you have a disagreement.

Whiteboard conversations have proven to be especially useful for group mediation because they put each party’s hopes and fears center stage. This is a valuable way to get to the bottom of what the conflict actually is. The mediator works to set the tone for your meeting, and their services can be utilized in a variety of settings, from small groups to a full room.

  • Come to Mudd Mediation with Your Problem
  • Negotiate the Real Issue during a Whiteboard Session
  • Mediate a Solution with the Appropriate Leaders

Public hearings and community meetings, including HOAs, often benefit from mediation when groups seem to be in a gridlock. Simply holding out for one side to shift their views is rarely a realistic solution. For true progress, it’s better to bring an outside perspective to the table to facilitate the dialogue.

Group facilitation can also be applied to family meetings, even those fall outside the realm of probate or a low-conflict divorce. A brief discussion about your situation can help us determine whether mediation would be an appropriate course of action.

Once we figure out the problem, we can start negotiating a solution.

Mediation helps us get to the core of the issue. Often times, the real conflict is buried deeper than where we first think. We start with one problem, and then we find out that the true issue is something else entirely. We have to carefully search out the pros and cons of the viewpoints to really have a good read on the group and their common direction.

The whiteboard session allows us to diagnose the problem. Then we take these concerns and sit with the appropriate people (e.g., the heads of the group, elected officials) to negotiate the actual issue in mediation.

In facilitation, answers just start to come to the surface. During this process, we work to review the facts and findings of the whiteboard report and start making headway on our final solution and outcome. This is where interested, creative people are able to align and solve their challenges. Then, the facts are reduced to a document. This is provided to the clients so the entity requesting the facilitation can move forward with a well-prepared overview of the meeting.

Ready for a productive meeting? Having a mediator work as your facilitator can help.

It’s easier to work through a stuck place when you have an experienced facilitator leading the way. Before your group experiences an even bigger rift, it can be helpful to bring an outside party to the table.

You can have a better discussion and make real progress toward a resolution when everyone is empowered with the right tools. To determine whether having a facilitator to mediate is an appropriate course of action, please reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation. Just send a message or call (208) 315-3322 to learn more.

Mudd Mediation is also available for small business speaking engagements focused on team building resolution, preparedness analysis, negotiation training, and more. If you need a speaker for an upcoming event, consider educating your group on some useful mediation techniques!

The benefits of Group Facilitation

It can be difficult to carry on a productive conversation when views start to clash. That’s where the mediation process can help. Having a neutral third party to oversee your meeting can put everyone in the room on an equal playing field. Then you can really make progress toward an appropriate resolution.

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