Mudd Mediation
Mediation Services in Boise, Idaho

Mudd Mediation is proud to serve clients throughout Idaho.

Many tense conversations benefit from having a neutral third-party to lead the way and guide the discussion. That’s the primary goal of the mediation process. Here in Idaho, Mudd Mediation is built on more than 25 years of experience in the communication industry, with a mission to help groups and differing parties engage in productive dialogue.

Mediation often becomes an ideal course of action for disputes because it can potentially save litigants two-thirds of the cost for the market standard of a trial, while still honoring the same standards. The trial process can cost thousands of dollars per day, plus the cost of the written agreement. That’s why mediation often proves to be more efficient and productive for all parties. Of course, everyone needs to enter mediation with the right attitude.

Clients interested in a low-conflict divorce, relationship mediation, or a streamlined approach to complicated settlements can utilize Mudd Mediation as their trusted resource. When necessary, we can also call on other industry professionals.

Mudd Mediation offers clients a very unique option with package prices. This allows clients the opportunity to choose, based on their assets and complication of their case, the final cost of their case. From there, we’ll have an attorney available for legal questions and filing of the documents.

A network of experts helps us reach the best resolution possible.

The mediation process can accomplish most tasks on its own, yet sometimes we need to bring in outside experts. For this reason, Mudd Mediation maintains an extensive network of legal professionals during the mediation process.

Legal professionals, accountants, mental health professionals, financial planners and wealth managers, as well as trade and craftsmen are available for reach-back consultation. This helps ensure that we manage each situation with the appropriate resources for an organized and comprehensive final agreement.

Learn more with a complimentary consultation.

Expressing your needs and interests is at the heart of any productive discussion, but it’s useful to have an experienced mediator guiding the process when conversations become tense. Mudd Mediation is built on proven leadership to debrief emotions and help people focus on a collaborative and conciliatory process.

A professional mediator serves as a neutral party to facilitate conversation. But not every dispute is appropriate for mediation. To better determine the right direction for your situation, please contact Mudd Mediation to schedule your complimentary consultation. Then we can address the questions you have about moving forward.