Sample case experience:  Client called on Friday needed to be in court on Wednesday.  Met with Cindi at Mudd Mediation on Sunday, Monday document was drafted.  We edited agreement with Cindi Monday night and Tuesday morning. Court received documents on Wednesday and we did not even have to see the judge, he just signed off.


  • Cindi, it's been a pleasure working with you as well! You made this very hard process easier for the both of us. We left your office today feeling grateful and at peace with the agreement. This couldn't have been possible without you.

    You will be in our prayers for a healthy and prosperous future. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was fortunate to be able to work with you.
    Dhuha Farhan 2021
  • Cindi LeBrett is responsive for phone, email or text. She proactively provided updates on our case and offered great facts that enable us to make our own well-planned decisions.

    She possesses superb intelligence, high integrity, and a true passion for helping others move through the challenges that come along with a divorce. Cindi made the process smooth for us and provided a very compassionate environment. She is very professional and caring, and she guided our every step during the whole process.

    I highly recommend Cindi if you are looking for a holistic and peaceful approach to divorce, because divorce doesn't have to break you financially and emotionally. Cindi LeBrett helped us achieve that.
    Basim Irbat 2021
  • Divorcing after 36 years of marriage was extremely emotional and daunting. Something I never dreamed would be my story.
    Trying to separate personal assets as well as business property was overwhelming.
    There was a lot to deal with. We choose Cindi and mediation to complete this task. Cindi was gracious and professional as she guided us through this process. There were many times she just listened as emotions took over. She would then bring us back to the task at hand, going step by step thru the process. Just the completion and filing of divorce papers with the court was unbelievable.
    Cindi remained with us to the end. Always available and going above and beyond.
    I would recommend Cindi at Mudd Mediation if you are ever faced with divorce.
    Anonymous/Petitioner 2021
  • We engaged Cindi’s services to mediate our divorce. It was often stressful and contentious but Cindi successfully navigated us to a fast agreement and settlement. Cindi is quite creative to assist her clients with a choice of viewpoints to navigate minimizing the distribution of financial assets.  Her agreements are comprehensive and allow clients a successful outcome. 

    She is ultra organized and professional. Ours was a Relatively complicated case containing community real property, investment property that had to be sold and various financial investments.

    I believe we had just 3 meetings, (2 mediations and one edit session) that resulted in a settlement agreement. Her professionalism was much appreciated during those often emotional meetings.

    Cindi communicated with us both regularly via phone, email and text and kept the process moving forward. I would highly recommend Cindi LeBrett and Mudd Mediation services!
    Valley County Father
  • Cindi jumped into our case in a very emotional and contentious time. We wanted to try mediation and had no idea or hope if it would be possible. Cindi was reassuring and confident that if we let her do her job she can get us through the process. We tested Cindi with a very complex situation and with hard work and guidance she helped us in many ways. Cindi does this because she cares and you can tell this as you work with her. I highly recommend anyone going through a divorce to try her mediation services.
    Anonymous / “Father” Client
  • Cindi takes a very pragmatic approach to the mediation process. She was very professional, kept us on track, and handled the awkward times with patience and empathy while offering alternatives.
    Anonymous / “Father” Client
  • Cindi Le Brett is an excellent mediator to use. She is always available at any time you need help or have questions. You will get her full attention. She will be super patient with you and will not rush you with any of your concerns. She is non-biased and does not take sides and will not play favorites. Her written documents were accepted by the court.
  • All in all, I really enjoyed working with you [and] the information you were able to share regarding Stages of Development of Children, orientation of court requirements, custody, support calculations and resources of CAO Officers for the well-being of my son. You are very thorough in your work and communications with both parents. Thank you for helping me understand the custody process and being so kind and encouraging throughout!
  • Cindi prepares her clients to be at their best for negotiation, understanding the process, homework to avoid costs, and researching information that will help them draft successful and sustainable agreements. She calms emotions and refocuses clients to build a productive outcome. I would work with Cindi again. All the required court documents were well prepared with necessary exhibits and accepted by the court.
  • I have worked with Cindi LebBrett on a number of family law cases. I have found her to be fair, efficient and organized. These attributes translated into expedited resolution of disputes and cost savings for everyone involved. I look forward to working with Cindi in the future.
    Wm. L. Punkoney, White Peterson P.A.
  • To all, 5 years ago I engaged with Cindi for mediation services. My situation was on the brink of going to court with is lengthy and very expensive. Fortunately, a friend recommended Cindi, and she saved the day. She was able to recognize my delicate and complicated situation. Cindi was insightful and skilled enough to keep the process moving forward even though there were complicated financial matters and unique custody challenges. Many people would say this was too tough for mediation, let an attorney handle it. On the contrary, Cindi has the knowledge and skill to get the job done quickly and correctly. I highly recommend Cindi to anyone who is in the highly emotional and difficult situation of divorce.
    Matthew Falvey