• To all, 5 years ago I engaged with Cindi for mediation services. My situation was on the brink of going to court with is lengthy and very expensive. Fortunately, a friend recommended Cindi, and she saved the day. She was able to recognize my delicate and complicated situation. Cindi was insightful and skilled enough to keep the process moving forward even though there were complicated financial matters and unique custody challenges. Many people would say this was too tough for mediation, let an attorney handle it. On the contrary, Cindi has the knowledge and skill to get the job done quickly and correctly. I highly recommend Cindi to anyone who is in the highly emotional and difficult situation of divorce.
    Matthew Falvey
  • I have worked with Cindi LebBrett on a number of family law cases. I have found her to be fair, efficient and organized. These attributes translated into expedited resolution of disputes and cost savings for everyone involved. I look forward to working with Cindi in the future.
    Wm. L. Punkoney, White Peterson P.A.