Probate Disputes with Mudd Mediation

Mediation can be a fantastic complement to working with your attorney. When family members want to avoid a drawn-out process in the courtroom, probate mediation can be an appealing option. This means that all parties agree to work with a professional mediator to resolve the issues on their own. Whether you’re consulting attorneys or not, mediation can be a worthwhile path to consider.

  • Planning for Aging Parents
  • Widows
  • Heirs
  • Death of a Parent
  • Honoring Choices
  • Special Needs Trust
  • Succession Planning
  • Philanthropy

The mediation process is designed to ease emotions, diffuse concerns, and bring everyone’s attention to a realistic resolution. Working with both an attorney and a mediator often goes hand-in-hand. Put simply, mediation provides communication support so you don’t have to navigate these tense conversations alone. We can talk through everyone’s concerns in a relaxed setting, and then use attorneys for the other necessary details.

Mediation can be a fantastic complement to working with your lawyer.

Working with an attorney and utilizing mediation are not mutually exclusive. These avenues are often highly compatible. Mudd Mediation is a proponent of lawyer representation, and readily turns to attorneys as a resource, and vice versa.

The goal of mediation is to limit and reduce conflict. This can help support the work your attorney is doing for you. We simply mediate what we can, and then return your case to them to handle the rest of the details. Mediation is simply a tool toward that final process. Mudd Mediation agrees to share information and work with attorneys as a united front.

The benefits of probate mediation can save your family time, money, and heartache.

Mediation helps you wrap up the details of your loved one’s estate—whether there’s a will in place or not. Most families choose the path of mediation because it helps them avoid any drawn-out courtroom proceedings.

Clients can also limit expense by turning to mediation. By reserving attorney involvement for the crucial aspects of an arrangement, we can work to make the process as cost-efficient as possible. For example, your attorney will review and type the agreement. They will also be in charge of the will and testament.

In fact, attorneys often view mediation as a trusted resource to get traction and close a case. For represented litigants, we coordinate with attorneys for a productive negotiation. Mediation often lets us sort down the issues, draft the agreement as we work, and then turn the final agreement over to the attorney for review and filing any documents.

Need to settle an estate? Mediation can help.

Probate mediation tends to work best for families who are intentionally looking to avoid conflict. This isn’t to say that the process won’t have its struggles. Rather, mediation gives us the opportunity to collaborate together in a productive way. Having the right team to manage each step can certainly make things easier. Mudd Mediation can be one of those partners for you. Together, we’ll work to streamline the probate process by bringing everyone to the table.

If you’d like to move forward with your complimentary consultation, please reach out to the other party to see if they would be willing to meet. Then, once you find some days and times that work for both of your schedules, just send a message or call (208) 315-3322 to check my availability. Let’s see if mediation is right for you!

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