Our Process
Mediation Services in Boise, Idaho

The mediation process is always different from case to case, but there are a few constants. One of the first features to understand is how the mediator functions. The mediator is a neutral party. They work to advocate for everyone’s best interests and diffuse any combative mindsets. Their goal is to guide everyone toward a common, collaborative solution.

At Mudd Mediation, it all starts with a complimentary consultation.

If you haven’t worked with mediation in past, it can be an interesting and enlightening experience. Knowing a little of what to expect upfront can help us start off on the right foot.

Every case begins with a free, one-hour consultation. At its core, this hour serves as a general orientation and good-fit meeting to determine whether you would be comfortable working with me.

Here’s how a consultation works for a low-conflict divorce:

We use this time to discuss the mediation process and essentially level the playing field. Both parties need to understand the nuances of what we’ll be dealing with. For divorces, this might cover the finances, community property, personal property, sole/separate property, debt, investments, special needs, mortgages, and retirement plans. I help ensure that everyone has a good grasp on the matters at hand. We can also start to review the concerns and hopes of each party if we were to move forward. This helps us determine what we might accomplish together.

We will discuss the different functions of mediation and how they might look for your current situation. We can also talk about the role of the court, whether you need to be represented right away, and the benefits of an attorney review for agreements.

Here’s how the details work if we decide to move forward:

After this complimentary consultation, the standard mediation rate is based on the needs of your case. This total hour fee of package cost is divided equally between parties. Once you know the payment structure for your situation, each party will have the choice of whether to use Mudd Mediation’s services or select another path for your solution. Then, if you choose to proceed, each party will sign the mediation agreement stating that you each agree to mediate the dispute. This helps us ensure that the process moving forward will be affordable and fair.

When we officially start the mediation process, payment is due at the time of your meeting. In order to stay productive and focused, each session typically lasts no longer than three hours.

The timeline of mediation naturally varies according to the situation. Along the way, I will be drafting as we complete each session. This helps us keep track of the progress we’re making at the start of our next meeting. Then we can review our decisions and edit as we work. Seeing the agreement unfold typically helps give clients hope that the end is in sight.

Here’s how we work with attorneys:

Once the process has come to closure, a written agreement will be drafted and reviewed by both parties. Because I’m an advocate of each party being represented, at a minimum, your agreement will also be reviewed by an attorney. I protect my clients by making sure their content is admissible to the court, with attorneys available for pro se litigants as well as represented parties. I am also in agreement to release the final documentation to the attorney of your choice.

Mudd Mediation takes your documentation very seriously. The document will service the future needs of your family or profession, so it must be something which you can successfully implement. This is why an attorney review is so valuable.

Hoping for a better outcome? Mediation can help.

When both parties can work together in a more relaxed environment, handling disputes is often less stressful. Mediation can help make that happen. My process is different because I engage my clients in a thorough orientation and investigation process right at the start. Then we can understand everything we need to before we really dive in.

Practicing patience in the beginning helps us move smoothly and effectively through the rest of the details. Again, there is an end in sight! If you’re hoping to find a peaceful resolution, this process may be a good fit.

If you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation, please contact the other party first. We’ll need to all sit down together for this first conversation. Find some days and times that work with both of your schedules, then feel free to send a message or call (208) 315-3322 to check my availability. I hope to hear from you soon!